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Renergetica operates in several markets worldwide where promising development conditions exist. We evaluate new markets according to country growth prospect, grid code, energy demand, price in the electricity market and return on investment.






Renergetica operates in the italian market since 2008. 

Until 2015 Renergetica had studied, developed and managed renewables projects for about 108 MW, especially wind and solar farm. 

Right now Italy is the reference market for Asset Management Services and Engineering Activities.



In 2014 were established Renergetica Chile S.p.A. and RSM Chile S.p.A. which are committed to the development of Chile’s renewable energy market.

Renergetica development strategy is focused on areas characterised  by: high energy consumption, good solar irradiation and which has not grids saturation problems; Renergetica define plants sizes in order to access to all the energy market options and not exposed to CDEC dispatch.



Renergetica USA Corporation was established in 2015 to start the development of the North American and Caribbean renewable energy markets. 

United States are one of the best energy market thanks to a very high enegry consumtion, stable legislation and economy and many renewable energy programs in several States. Renergetica with its local, highly professional team are, currently, developing a pipeline of over 400 MW across the U.S.



Colombia is a renewable energy market in early stage, with great potential for solar and wind energy production and an always higher electric energy demand. 


Colombian market is very similar to Chile's but less developed and  exploited. In 2018 Renergetica set up its subsidiary LATAM Corporation developing this new market with an aggressive strategy in order to become one of the first and main market player.

Renergetica S.p.A.

Salita di Santa Caterina 2/1
16123 Genova - Italy

Renergetica USA Corporation

2950 Lake Emma Road | Suite 1030 

Lake Mary, FL 32746


Renergetica Chile S.p.A.

Guardia Vieja 202, Of. 1001

Comuna Providencia
Santiago - Chile

Renergetica LATAM Corporation

Carrera 17, No. 89-31
Oficina 603
Bogotà - Colombia 

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