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Renergetica works with its partner to create clean energy projects and make land more profitable. Landowners can count on long-term secure income and feel part of an environmentally-friendly project.  Looking for sites of at least 10 acres which are relatively flat, near to power lines or utility substations and free of wetlands and endangered species.


passive income

zero cost and responsability

long and generous

lease term


Renergetica assesses land

suitability based on size, sunlight, and local policy.

We work together on lease terms, including project details and payment structure

Renergetica manages the development process, handling all the necessary permitting.

The completed system generates steady revenues for you and clean power for all.





starT to work witH us


We prioritize open and honest relationships with our landowners. We emphasize frequent and clear communication with them as the project develops. If you are ready to participate in a mutually beneficial program that benefits your land and your bottom line, please send an email to terreni@renergetica.com with YOUR DATA (Full Name, Email, Phone Number) and LAND DATA as well (Address, Size and Designated use). We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your land.


Please note: Land must be medium or large sized, relatively flat and free of wetlands and endangered species. 

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